Haus der Industrie

Beethovenplatz 1. 1010 Vienna

Neo-Gothic brick building (free-standing building block with richly structured Mittelrisalit), examination room in English-Gothic style with open roof, built 1863-1866 by Friedrich von Schmidt.

Large courtyard, beautiful chapel (glass painting by Remigius Geyling) and fountain (reminiscent of well houses medieval monastery courtyards); Mural by Josef Mathias von Trenkwald.

On the initiative of the director Aloys Capellmann (1858), Franz Joseph I had granted on January 12, 1862, the transfer of land in the city extension zone and on May 27, 1863 approved the commencement of construction; on 17 October 1866 the building was handed over to its purpose.

Imperial Hall

Imperial Hall is suitable for classical concerts.
The perfect acoustics of the hall is an important prerequisite for qulitative concerts.

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